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American President John F Kennedy famously hosted classical music concerts at the White House but found it tricky knowing when to clap which is why his social secretary used to signal at him through a crack in the door when it was safe to applaud.

Its difficult to blame him if you dont know a piece of music judging exactly when to clap can cause confusion but so too can the whole notion of concert etiquette.

What is it and more importantly why should we care at their best concert conventions as I prefer to see them allow everyone to enjoy a concert without unnecessary distractions but at their very worst they can restrict and exclude audiences putting off a new generation from coming to our concert halls.

I can see two golden rules firstly if youd like something clap it doesnt matter if its after the first movements or the second symphonies concertos quartets and the rest are often divided into three or four distinct parts of contrasting moods a round of applause sometimes helps release the tension.

On the other hand if youre unsure just avoid being the first person to clap thats the second Golden Rule.

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